Compaq’s Experiment with Rigid Circuit Boards

These days, it is extremely common for laptops to contain rigid circuit boards, but that wasn’t always the case. A daring experiment by the computer company Compaq led the charge in the largescale adoption of rigid circuit boards in laptops.

Back in the 1990s, when computers were still on the cusp of wide adoption by the masses, rigid circuit boards were considered a specialty product. They were difficult to make and were typically only used in low volume products. Compaq decided to change that. In the 1990s, Compaq spent a lot of effort to create a system that could implement rigid circuit boards into their line of laptops.

As a result of this effort, other computer makers realized that it was possible to construct rigid circuit boards for high volume products. Nowadays, you can find rigid printed circuit boards and flexible printed circuit boards in nearly every computerized device, from laptops, to cars, and cameras. Compaq helped pave the way for large circuit board assembly providers, like GC Aero.

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