Flex Circuit Boards Assist with Heat Dissipation

Flex Circuit Boards Assist with Heat DissipationIf you’ve ever walked into a company’s server room, you might have noticed that the room was chilly. Why? Because when the servers process information, they create heat. It’s the same reason that your laptop’s battery can start to feel warm when your computer has been on for a while. It’s also why, earlier this year, Samsung literally lit up the tech news cycle when the batteries in its Galaxy Note 7 started overheating and sparking fires.

When electronics work, they create heat. One of the most important challenges product designers must confront is how to manage that heat so that products maintain functionality and users are not harmed. Flex circuit boards offer great design benefits. They can reduce the weight and size of a product significantly. Perhaps underappreciated is their ability to also assist with heat dissipation. Flex circuits are made with polyimide dielectrics that can tolerate high amounts of heat even in high-power devices.

Flex circuits can keep cool even in heated situations!