Flex Printed Circuit Boards Are Helping to Make Cars of the Future

Flex Printed Circuit Boards Are Helping to Make Cars of the Future

A vehicle is much more than a metal body sitting on top of an engine and four wheels. Today’s cars, trucks, and other passenger vehicles include a dizzying amount of electronic systems, everything from the simple blinker to lane departure sensors and systems that can even parallel park a car! Many of these systems rely on printed circuit boards, including flexible printed circuit boards, like those manufactured by GC Aero. As vehicles become increasingly complex, they will require even more powerful, strong, and advanced flex printed circuit boards.

From Past to Present

If you’ve ever driven or ridden in an older model car, you’ll probably notice a distinct lack of electronics. You have to role the windows down by hand. There are no antilock brakes and certainly no convenient GPS system built in. Yet, even these cars still incorporated printed circuit boards in their power relays, blinkers, and climate control systems.

As car manufacturers have added new bells and whistles to their latest models, many include the use of printed circuit boards.

Printed Circuit Boards in Today’s Cars

What are some of the coolest new features of today’s car? How about sleek LED lights, GPS navigation, digital displays on the dashboard, blind spot detection, collision avoidance systems, and adaptive cruise control?

All those systems are made possible with printed circuit boards. Printed circuit boards not only make the cars on the road today look and perform better, they also make cars safer and can even help prevent injuries and save lives!

Advances in Printed Circuit Boards Drive the Auto Industry

Technological advances in printed circuit boards are making them more useful to the auto industries and allowing for new breakthroughs. For example, flexible printed circuit boards can fit in smaller areas and provide additional connections and overall power. Substrates can be designed using different components that allow printed circuit boards to hold up against the intense conditions inside a red-hot engine. For example, copper has shown great application potential within automobiles.

Use an Experienced and Trusted Flex Circuit Board Vendor

If you are looking to work with a trustworthy and experienced flexible circuit board manufacturer, please consider GC Aero. We have direct experience working within the auto industry, and we are TS 16949 certified.

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