Help With the Design of A Flexible Circuit

Help With the Design of A Flexible Circuit

It is essential to consult a flexible circuit expert early on in the design process. Flexible circuit manufacturers are not just production lines. They are manufacturing consultants and experts in the field of flexible circuitry.

Prior to establishing your flex design, examine your product requirements thoroughly. Know all the electrical requirements, dimensional restrictions and assembly limitations. Consult flex circuit design guides throughout the design process to take full advantage of design trade-offs and improvements.

Start designing your flex circuit early, preferably as you start the design of your product. There are many variables in the design of a flex circuit. Conductor spacing, component addressing, designing for bend areas, and covercoat configuration and shielding must all be determined before your first prototype is produced.

By contacting a flex specialist early in the design process, you can get qualified design assistance, and be sure all design factors have been taken into account. A flex specialist can also check designs for manufacturability and even suggest design improvements for cost savings and improved performance.

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