How Flex Circuitry Makes Cars Lighter…and Why That Matters

The math is simple. The more weight a car has to move, the harder the engine has to work. The harder the engine works, the more fuel it has to consume. The more fuel it consumes, the less efficient it becomes. By now, we all know that fuel efficiency is about a lot more than just saving money at the pump (thought that’s important too). More efficient cars emit less pollution, which is a good thing for every human, critter, and plant on the planet.

So, where does flex circuitry come into the picture? As cars become more technologically advanced, they will need more flex circuits to power things like cameras, sensors, and even plain old automatic locks. Flex circuit boards weigh roughly 20% less than more traditional counterparts. Less weight means more efficiency, which saves you money at the pump and keeps the earth just a little cleaner!