See a Video of our EX300 DRILL Machine

At GC Aero, we take a lot of pride in our top-of-the-line equipment. Each piece of major equipment is a big investment, but they allow us to provide our clients with excellent and consistent results. They can also allow us to speed up our flex PCB manufacturing process while maintaining our high quality standards.

One piece of equipment we rely upon greatly is our EX-300 DRILL Machine from Excellon Automation. This machine is a single station that provides precise, high-speed drilling. It also gives highly consistent results.

The very first printed circuit boards were drilled by hand, but that would never work for an order of hundreds or thousands of flex PCBs. Instead, our EX-300 allows us to process large orders very quickly, so that our clients receive their order ASAP.

Here is a short video of our EX-300 DRILL Machine in action. The EX-300 DRILL is just one of the amazing machines we use every day on the manufacturing floor. If you have questions about our process or would like to put in an order for flex printed circuit boards, call GC Aero today.