The Demise of the Headphone Jack Continues

The Demise of the Headphone Jack ContinuesOn Wednesday, October 5th, Google went toe-to-toe with Apple yet again, announcing new versions of its Pixel phones to compete directly with the iPhone. While the two powerhouse companies seem dedicated to competing for the title of top technology dog, there is something they both seem to agree on. Like the latest versions of the iPhone, the newest Pixel phones have done away with the headphone jack.

Unsurprisingly, Google offers what it considers a better option in the form of wireless Pixel Buds. The Pixel Buds certainly seem cool, and it is admittedly more convenient not to be tethered to a phone, but will customers like the notion of being forced to pay $159 for an accessory? The price might be worth it if one of Google’s noteworthy promises can be fulfilled. The company claims that the wireless earbuds can perform real-time language translation. That should be music to the ears of any world traveler!

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