Want to Kick Your Halloween Up a Notch? Tech Out Your Costume

Want to Kick Your Halloween Up a Notch? Tech Out Your CostumeThe time is long gone when you could get away with drawing a few circles on a cardboard box and claim you were a “robot” for Halloween. These days, if you want to be a robot, you’d better get lots of LED lights, a voice synthesizer, and some well-crafted sheet metal.

As technology gets smaller, lighter, and cheaper (with the help of flex circuit boards), technology companies have been able to flood the world with amazing devices. These trends also mean that you can knock it out of the park at your next Halloween costume party. Go as a cyborg and actually build a few robotic parts with home kits or from instructions on DIY sites.

You don’t have to choose a nerdy costume to amp up the tech. Use LED lights to make your fairy wings glow. (LED lights are also a must if you’re going as a Tron character). Finally, if you have a 3D Printer, than Halloween is yours. Print an awesome mask, cool Halloween earrings, or an entire costume. You’re only limited by your creativity and programming skills!

Here at GC Aero, we love tech and all the flex circuit boards that fuel it. We wish you a fun, geeky, and safe Halloween!