What Is the Future of Wearable Devices?

What Is the Future of Wearable Devices?Okay, so Google Glass was a bust and though Apple’s iWatch was embraced with much more enthusiasm, early reports indicate that users are abandoning them in high numbers after initial interest fades. Does this mean that we are either not ready for wearable technology or that Silicon Valley has yet to perfect a device that we’ll actually want to use (for more than just a few weeks, that is)?

A company called CCS Insights is betting that our appetite for wearable technology will only continue to grow. According to an article on Phys.org, CCS predicts that “411 million wearable devices – including virtual reality headsets and wearable cameras – will be sold around the world in 2020, up from 123 million in 2016.”

The technology and advanced flex PCB is already here to make the devices work. Companies now need to create that magical device that will prove so irresistible and/or useful that it will become as indispensable as our cell phones.