When You Want Your Flex Circuit Boards on Time

When You Want Your Flex Circuit Boards on TimeYou have a new product launch on the books, and it’s going to be big. Your PR department is already spinning the press release, and your marketing department has been laying the groundwork for months. Suddenly, your flex circuit board vendor says that they’re running two weeks behind. That’s not a problem, is it?

As a business owner, you can’t afford to miss a product launch deadline or to run out of inventory when your customers are hungry for your products. That means every single stop in your supply chain must be reliable. If one vendor falls behind, the entire system grounds to a halt, which can mean costly delays, mad scrambling, or the cutting of corners. None of those options is acceptable.

That means that when you are looking for product, supply, and manufacturing vendors, consistency is key. At GC Aero Flex Circuitry, we understand how important it is to meet your deadline. We are experts in manufacturing flex circuit boards and rigid flex circuits according to the highest quality standards. We also have an excellent shipping department capable of getting your order to you on time wherever you are. We will not fall behind and cause delays!

If you are looking for a new flex circuit vendor or are unhappy with your current vendor, contact us today.