Why Heat Dissipation Is So Important in Flex Circuits

Why Heat Dissipation Is So Important in Flex CircuitsIn any electrical device, heat is always a concern. You need to look no further than the Samsung Galaxy exploding battery fiasco to understand how dangerous it can be when a device doesn’t dissipate heat well. Circuit boards conduct electricity, which means that circuit board manufacturers must also find a way to get rid of all that heat. If they don’t, the heat can damage or outright destroy all of the delicate circuitry.

Fortunately, today’s flex circuits are brilliantly designed to dissipate heat. You might be surprised that today’s flex circuits are so good at getting rid of heat, especially because the boards are getting smaller and smaller. Size is not important. The real key is surface-to-volume ratio. Flex circuits offer an excellent surface-to-volume ratio. Double-sided flex circuits give you even more surface to work with. Additionally, the circuit’s compact design allows for a shorter thermal path, which prevents the buildup of heat. Today’s circuits are so thin that heat can actually dissipate from both sides of them.

At GC Aero, we ensure that every flex circuit we assemble has excellent heat dissipation capabilities. This way you never have to worry about heat damaging our product, at least not from the flex circuit board!

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